Stimming; the six month old way.

Call me crazy, but I swear Ton stims.

For the last 2 months he has rocked whenever he’s been sitting up. It’s not just for balance. If you hold him tight and try to keep him still he’ll throw himself back to break free, the kid loves to move.

Ever since he could control his hand movements he’s rubbed the same part of his forehead whenever he’s tired, he uses it to help soothe himself to sleep.

Anyone seen The A Word? Joe moves his hands in circles, that’s a stim. My Ton does something very similar. Spooky!

Recently he has started lifting his arm and banging it down onto his leg. Stim?

Today while he was lying on his play mat, he started to get upset. Before I could pick him up he lifted his head off the ground and banged it back onto the floor, three times in quick succession. He was rather upset.

Ton loves to scratch things. One of his favourite surfaces is our leather couch.

I’ve never noticed Polar bear or Monkey stimming at such a young age. To be honest neither of them stim that much, certainly not as much as Ton seems to. Other stuff I’ve noticed is that Ton doesn’t like to be too hot or too cold, he chews everything (well he is a teething baby), he loves music (who doesn’t?), he prefers hard food to soft, he doesn’t like things too close to his face (although that could be because Monkey can get a little excited and gets too close, too quick), he likes white noise and it will often send him to sleep, he dislikes certain noises, he seems to have a panic attack if you move him too suddenly (they’re scary, like he can’t breathe. Luckily it’s only happened twice).

He’s also incredibly smiley, cute and happy.

I can’t wait to find out whether or not he’s Autistic. I’d be more surprised if he wasn’t since it’s so prevalent in the family. Either way, I’m sure he’ll grow up to be as happy and handsome as his older brothers.


Sons, Sand & Sauvignon


  1. I have read around this and I think it is quite common for smaller children (under 2) to ‘stim’ in a way. If you think about it, it kinda makes sense – all children, neurotypical and on the spectrum, are changing and developing really quickly and all their senses are new and constantly changing. An interesting read 🙂 #SpectrumSunday


    • Yes, I thought this because it was so obvious and frequent, quite unlike how his older brother’s were 🙂


  2. I have heard that you can tell autism traits from quite an early age if they are prominent enough, so it isn’t impossible that you are noticing things. Children change so much in those first 2 years, I will be interested so hear how Ton’s development continues. Thank you for linking up to #spectrumsunday I hope you pop by again this week xx


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