Octonauts and the two boys.

Ever since Polar bear was 3 he has loved The Octonauts, a cartoon programme for kids about the undersea adventures of a group of ‘Octonauts’ who explore, rescue and protect sea creatures. Over the years he has amassed quite a lot of knowledge on marine biology and is hoping to become a marine biologist when he’s an adult. Needless to say I also know lot about this subject, that’s what happens when it’s all a child will talk about for years on end.

For a couple of years, Polar bear’s interest moved away from the tv programme, although his interest in the subject has always remained. Then one day when we were going through our old dvds we came across an Octonaut dvd. We put it one and Monkey was instantly hooked. Cue a return of interest from Polar bear. Now he has someone else to play with. Over six months later and Octonauts is a common feature in our house. Polar bear and Monkey will happily talk and play together with their Octonauts toys. There’s nothing quite like a common interest to bring two brothers together. The Octonauts have even made Polar bear like baths 😮 since the toys are waterproof, they are good for playing in the bath with. Although we didn’t need another reason for Monkey to have baths since he loves water in any form.

The Octonauts have taught us so much. We know about the different levels of the sea, about the Mariana Trench (which Polar bear insists he’s going to explore when he’s older), the Humuhumunupunupuapuaa (a reef trigger fish native to Hawaii) (good luck trying to pronounce it as I’ve spent years and can only just get the sounds out), we’ve learnt about symbiosis, why too much algae is bad for sea creatures, about the many varied self-defence mechanisms and camouflage that they have to protect themselves from predators. We’ve learnt so much that kids don’t tend to learn, even in secondary school. Who says TV can’t teach you things?

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