Colds all round.

The common cold has descended upon this house. Only Polar bear and daddy have avoided it. Poor Ton is ill for the first time and it’s hit him the worst. He’s been sick several times, is struggling to eat/drink and hasn’t had much sleep. Apart from a runny nose you wouldn’t know that Monkey was ill, he’s running around like nothings happened.

I managed to get medicine into Ton, the fact that he can’t run away is an added bonus. Monkey took more persuading. He’s at that stage where he refuses something then has a tantrum when it’s gone. He wanted the medicine after we’d washed it away in the sink, after refusing to take it for ages. Daddy had to pour more out.

So daddy and I are suffering from a lack of sleep, not helped by having a blocked nose and tickly throat. It’s unusual for me to get ill, I’m usually the healthy one looking after everyone else. Polar bear is like me, he doesn’t get ill much either and he seems to have dodged it this time too.

I’m sure we’ll all be better tomorrow, it’s only a mild cold. Just as well it’s a bank holiday anyway.

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