All in one day

Monkey is naturally hyper, but he’s more so when he’s not had a lot of sleep. With the earlier mornings and later nights (thanks summer!) he’s been having less sleep than usual. Quite a few days have seen him falling asleep midday for at least an hour, he must be very tired. Today he’s not had a nap, he was tired on the way to soft play at 9am but failed to fall asleep in the car, naturally when we got there he was hyper. Here’s a list of the ‘fun’ things he’s done today:

  • running around like crazy (not unusual)
  • running away when trying to get him into car, refusing to sit to be strapped in and ‘playing dead’
  • climbing and jumping off all the soft play area, more than usual (he tries not to hurt himself normally but today wasn’t bothered)
  • running off at soft play (he doesn’t normally do this)
  • putting toys in his shoes and throwing them
  • taking his socks off, throwing them and eating them – soaked his socks by doing this so had to go home without wearing them
  • showed everyone his bruise on his leg (don’t know where he got that)
  • lying all over the toys and other children
  • playing with water bottle instead of drinking, using it like a microphone
  • poured a bottle of water down himself (the one I forget to bring spare clothes), had to go home wearing just his coat
  • spinning round in circles around a post
  • hanging upside down
  • making toys crash together and saying ‘no help me’ in a silly voice
  • trying to bite me
  • eating my hair
  • climbing over people, getting in people’s faces and sitting on people
  • running off and hiding when trying to get in car to go home
  • deliberately drooled on himself
  • took mattress off bed and removed bedding
  • stole a plate and put it on his bed (no idea why)
  • poked his fingers through his toast (a recent trick)
  •  ran out of the house in his socks (he usually tries to put shoes on first)
  • tried to climb in the cereal cupboard then took all the cereal out and lined them up (see pic)
  • took off his third pair of fresh socks, placing them neatly one on top of the other on the floor
  • poured his drink over his dinner and the floor and threw sweetcorn on the floor (I’m guessing he doesn’t like sweetcorn)
  • put small toys in his mouth
  • insisted on having calpol for his bruise (Ton was having some at the time)
  • stamping around playing a loud instrument
  • hid under chairs
  • tried to sit on Ton
  • repeated what I said in a funny voice (several times)
  • pulled his trousers down to reveal a plastic snake he’d hidden there (no idea when)
  • stood on table and kicked everything off the table, then started kicking and hitting when I moved him off the table
  • took nappy off and peed on floor (first time he’s done this in a while)
  • tipped his toy box all over the floor
  • climbed into said box once I’d tidied the toys up
  • ran around the house then hid under the duvet in our room
  • all week (and for the last few months) he’s been saying ‘no, don’t want to’ whenever we ask him to do something, there was a lot of this today

It’s been a long day. He’s finally in bed and has gone straight to sleep – he was very tired.

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