Sensory issues, toothpaste and review.

Toothpaste can be quite a problem for many Autistic and PDA people, especially those that have sensory issues too. For many people toothpaste tastes strong, is unpleasant and/or causes gagging. This is certainty an issue in this family. I prefer a clean and strong minty taste whilst Polar Bear and Monkey prefer a milder tasting toothpaste. The strawberry flavoured ones are a huge hit here. Gagging can be quite a problem for Polar Bear and myself. No matter how little toothpaste we use on our brushes we still gag, especially when some toothpaste gets towards the back of our throats.

In order to try to avoid this we don’t add water to our brushes until at the end when we are rinsing our mouths and cleaning our toothbrushes. Actually I don’t think Polar Bear uses anything to wash his mouth out, probably because this makes the gagging reflex worse. I can’t stand not rinsing my mouth afterwards, even with the risk of gagging I prefer to get all the taste out of my mouth.

Some people manage the sensory aspects of toothbrushing by using soft bristled brushes as they are softer on the gums and won’t hurt the person as much. Others can’t use any toothpaste at all (which is okay as long as the teeth are brushed). Some people even use a flannel or cloth rather than a toothbrush because of the pain even the softest toothbrush can cause.

At the moment we only manage to brush our teeth once a day, before bed. This is better than not at all although most dentists will recommend at least twice a day. Sometimes it’s better to accept once rather than making the whole thing into an impossible task by insisting one the recommended amount.

My teeth are in quite a bad way so I made the decision to switch my toothpaste. This one boasts better protection and whiter teeth. I thought I would review the product too to see if it really does made a difference.

Product review – Sensodyne whitening repair.


This toothpaste states that it helps whiten teeth and repairs damaged teeth (something I definitely need). The toothpaste cost £4.45 which is a lot more than I pay for my usual toothpaste so I’m hoping it’s worth it.

The packaging is clean looking which is a plus for me. The toothpaste itself is pure white. The taste was strong and reminded me of dentists which was both reassuring and anxiety producing at the same time. The paste was thicker than I expected and had a warm feel which was very unusual and unexpected but thankfully didn’t cause any sensory issues. It foamed more than I was prepared for but the overall thick texture gave the impression of my teeth being coated which gave the impression of being protected. After spitting out the majority of the foam I could feel gritty bits in the toothpaste which I love. The sound and feel is quite pleasant for me although I realise not everyone would like this. After rinsing my teeth still had the feel of being coated and there wasn’t much aftertaste, thankfully. Surprisingly I didn’t gag. I can only hope that feature remains 🙂

Overall, despite not being a big fan of this type of change I am quite confident of continuing to use this brand and hope that the results prove positive.

I give this product a score of – 7/10

(I will be doing a follow up of this product once the product has completed it’s use, ie once the toothpaste has all gone. We shall see the results and whether it has been better for my teeth or not)

All opinions are my own.

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