3 boys


It’s not easy to get a good pic of all three boys. Polar Bear isn’t always keen on having his picture taken, Monkey doesn’t keep still for long and usually wants to be the one taking the pics and Ton, actually Ton is quite easy to take photos of.

I have managed to get some great photos of the boys in two’s or individually. Here are some of the best, in age order.

Polar Bear:




They all dote on each other, Monkey loves cuddling his brothers, Ton laughs at everything Monkey does and always has a smile for Polar Bear and Polar Bear is so gentle with his younger brothers. Sure they can argue and fight sometimes (they are boys after all) but they way they interact sometimes is such a joy to see.

Now you can put faces to names πŸ˜‰

And for those of you with keen eyesight, Monkey is rarely without his blankie (nicknamed na-na) half the photos we have of him include this soft (but smelly no matter how many times we wash it) comfort item. He loves it πŸ˜€


  1. RaisieBay

    What lovely boys you have, it’s good how they all get on together. I find it difficult to get photos of my three together but I have three on my blog today.

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  2. It ISN’T easy to get that pic. It usually ends in a fight! Our photoshoots usually involve threats “do this for your mother” lol, a fight between my oldest and my husband, the middle one smiling his sweet cheesy grin like the WHOLE time, and the little one not even wanting to be in the picture and going away. That was our last one lol

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