Pampers Test

I received a Pampers Testing Kit for free from Pampers in order to test their product. The aim is to see whether they can hold more wee and stay drier than other brands. The Testing Kit arrived in a lovely white box. Monkey was eager to be in the photo too.

The box contained a pack of Pampers Baby-Dry nappies, one size 4 nappy, a Tommy Tippee bottle, some scissors and instructions for the test. Monkey insisted on helping with the test.

First we laid the nappy out, then Monkey helped fill the bottle with water (simulated pee). He then poured the water onto the nappy and waited for it to be absorbed. Next Monkey shook the nappy to simulate baby movements. He thought this bit was great fun.


Then we spread the nappy out and did the wetness test. We placed our hands on the inside of the nappy to see if we could feel any wetness. Monkey said he couldn’t and I felt only a slight dampness.

Next we had to cut the nappy open to see how the absorption works. Monkey isn’t allowed scissors so Polar Bear offered. He cut across the nappy and we could see lots of the absorbing stuff full of water.

Next we tried the same test with another brand nappy.

The comparison nappy didn’t hold the water as well as the Pampers nappy did. When we did the touch test we could feel some water droplets on the nappy showing that during the night that brand of nappy would leave the baby feeling wetter than the Pampers version would.

I asked Monkey which nappy he preferred and he hugged the Pampers pack, which isn’t surprising since he actually had a meltdown the one time Daddy brought home a different brand of nappies (he refused to wear them). I personally prefer the Pampers brand and always have, they are a better fit and don’t leak.


And that concludes the Pampers Test. Result – Pampers have better absorption and feel drier. Monkey prefers them too, although the nappies are meant for Ton, Monkey insists on deciding what nappies Ton wears.

I was sent the Pampers kit for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my (and Monkey’s) own.

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