Tell the furniture to stop attacking us!

When you have to hold your baby out in front of you when going through doorways to avoid bashing his head against the side of the wall 😮

I’m terrible with special awareness and frequently misjudge the distance of objects. This means I am regularly walking into things. Tables, chairs, doors, people. It’s almost like they move just to hurt me haha

This wasn’t too bad before I had kids, if I walked into something then I would be the only one to get hurt (unless it was another person I walked into). But since having kids I’ve learnt to be extra careful. I try to leave twice the needed space between myself and objects when I’m carrying one of the children. Even pushing a pram isn’t safe from space misjudgements. I’m told it’s a common autistic trait, that doesn’t help me when trying to manoeuvre around a very messy bedroom with a jumpy three year old and a baby in my arms.

Luckily, after over 9 years, there have only been smalls incidents, minor scrapes and bruises. I’ve managed to bear the brunt of it and have learnt that it’s better for me to hold kids on one side and walk along touching the other side to the wall when moving. I still go to bed wondering where half the bruises on my came from.

I swear the furniture is secretly plotting against me.

Just as long as they don’t hurt the kids.

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