Day 3 – Child’s Favourite Book

Day 3 – Child’s Favourite Book

Books are well liked in this house. I’m an avid reader and the boys all love having bedtime stories, even Ton listens in on Monkey’s bedtime story, in between his usual hand flapping and rolling around on the floor. Polar Bear reads on and off, apparently he has read all of the good books and the rest are rubbish (his words). When I asked Polar Bear what his favourite book is he asked why I was asking such a strange question and asked if I was going to keep bothering him with strange questions. Turns out he doesn’t have a favourite book anymore, but I do remember his favourite books from when he was much younger.

 You Choose by Nick Sharratt.

You Choose was read to death lol It was Polar Bears favourite book for a very long time, we’d read it many times and it never got old, even with me. It’s a bright, colourful book where every page shows an array of pictures and the aim is to choose which you would have/do on every page. You get to choose where you would live, what job you would have, what pet you would like, what clothes you would wear, etc. It really is a great book for PDA kids, who doesn’t like choosing their live and having full control over every aspect?

Polar Bear had another favourite book, one which was recently Monkey’s favourite book until Ton destroyed it, turned out Ton liked the book too, liked it so much he tried to eat it lol

 The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle.

A fun, colourful and easy to read book, the Hungry Caterpillar has been an on and off favourite in this house. It helped teach Monkey to count, the days of the week, introduced him to new foods and taught him the life cycle of the butterfly. You can’t argue with such a lovely and informative book. I’ll have to buy a new one as I’m sure it will continue to be a favourite in this family for a while yet.

Monkey has always had a love of comedy and slapstick, he’s always making jokes and being funny, he has such a great sense of humour. So it’s no surprise that some of his favourite books are funny ones. Recent favorites include Shark in the Dark by Nick Sharratt, Aliens Love Underpants by Chris Freedman and Ketchup on Your Cornflakes by Nick Sharratt.

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  1. These are some of our favourites too 😊 ‘Just Imagine’ is another one like ‘You Choose’ which Little Miss M loves just as much!

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