Day 4 – Proudest Moment

Day 4 – Proudest Moment


I have three boys and a chronic memory, I spent ages trying to rack my brain for memories of the proudest moments of each child. There are a lot of times when I’ve been proud of my boys, I’m not sure which would be the proudest overall. So rather than trying to pinpoint one moment I’ll just describe the things about each child that make me proud of them as a whole.

Polar Bear:

Polar Bear has gone through a lot in his short life. Lots of change, different schools, two younger brothers. Yet despite all the disruptions and uncertainty to his life he’s developed into a polite, witty, kind young man (or should that be pre-teen). I’m very proud of the way he manages his own disabilities as well as putting up with the behaviour of his brothers, the way he’s always willing to help out, the way he rarely complains and the way he just gets on with things. I’m proud that he is so academically able, the way he has learnt to ask for help when needed, the way he is able to work around his own demand avoidance to get things done.

Polar Bear is a very bright, kind and funny kid, I’m very proud of who he is and who he has become.


Monkey is a slapstick comedy genius, he can make anyone laugh and loves to act silly. He can also be polite and very kind, especially to Ton. He can be quite helpful too when he’s in the mood. Monkey has many varied interests and his intelligence is starting to show through his play. I’m very proud of the cheeky and cheerful character he is. I’m proud of the way he’s willing to be helpful despite his demand avoidance trying to stop him. I’m proud of the way Monkey keeps trying to communicate even though he stills struggles to pronounce words so others understand him. I’m proud of the way he puts up with Ton’s sensory seeking noise even when it hurts his ears


Ton is still quite young, he hasn’t had time to develop much yet, however there is no mistaking his zest for life. He loves to explore, try new foods despite his limited diet and allergies to foods, enjoys playing with other kids and find his brother Monkey hysterical. He has a lot of character and is undeniably cute. Even though he only speaks two words he has no problem making his needs known. Everyday he makes me proud just with his love for life. I’m proud that he keeps trying to eat, I’m proud of his energy that he throws into life by climbing all over the furniture and everyone with such a cheeky grin on his face, I’m proud of his unique mannerisms which make me laugh and smile to watch.

I’m proud of all my boys, they are such lovely lads and so unique in their personalities. Despite their difficulties and disabilities they still strive to active and live life to the fullest. I’m sure they will keep making me proud everyday just by being themselves.

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