Day 5 – My favourite photos

Day 5 – My favourite photos

There are many great photos of the boys, some with cheeky or funny smiles, some in comical poses, some where they are busy playing or concentrating on something and many, many photos where they are eating food. It’s hard to choose my absolute favourite out of all of them but I gave it my best shot.


This photo is from when Polar Bear was much younger. He doesn’t like having his photo taken these days. Polar Bear was very cute as a child, he’s turning into a handsome young boy now but it’s nice to look back and compare what he used to look like with his brother’s now. This is my favourite photo because he’s just smiling rather than pulling a funny face.

arran sleeping

This is my favourite photo of Monkey from when he was born. Monkey was born cute and you can see his little button nose in this photo. It’s not easy to get a photo of Monkey when he isn’t moving or trying to grab the camera or pulling a funny face. There are some great photos of Monkey but this one has always been my favourite.


This is Ton showing off one of his classic smiles. He’s so happy and relaxed in this photo, and he’s looking very handsome. Ton is very photogenic so choosing a favourite isn’t easy. I think this one shows off Ton just as he is, lovely.

I’m sure there’ll be many more great photos to come in the future.

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