Day 7 – 5 things I would change

Day 7 – 5 things I would change


There’s not a lot that I would change in this world. While there are things which are bad we can only really see the good by experiencing the bad. If we made everything perfect, if we had world peace, then everyone would be bored and sad. Some of the happiest people are the ones who have experienced the worst experiences, because they know what it’s like to have it bad they can appreciate the good, no matter how small. Similarly, those who have never suffered and have lead rather happy lives are often the ones who complain over the smallest of things. It’s almost like our human selves aren’t able to tell what’s good without any negativity to compare it to.

That said, there are things I wish I could change to make the world a little less negative, I feel that having less horrible things happening would be worth the loss of some happiness. It’s hard to choose what to change though, as it seems the world may be in such balance that even a small change might have big consequences. It’s hard to chose just 5 things as well when there’s so much negativity in the world.

  1. Proper diagnosis – I would change the way diagnosis are given. Everyone who asked for a diagnosis would be assessed, EVERYONE! No matter what age, no matter how many diagnosis they already have, no matter what the gp’s personal opinion of the person/their complaints are. I would change things so that everyone gets a proper assessment, not just 30 mins with on doctor who is biased and uneducated on the condition they are assessing for. A team of specialists in that field, who will cover every angle to get the right results and who are fully educated on the conditions they are assessing for. I would change it so that you don’t have to be reassessed just because you moved house and had to change your gp, or because the new person at the clinic doesn’t believe in the diagnosis you have, or because ‘the treatment given hasn’t worked and it works for everyone with this condition so your diagnosis must be wrong because we work using a one-size-fits-all guide so it must be you and not the system that is wrong’.
  2. Benefits – The benefits in the UK are terrible, and the UK is one of the best for disability (how sad is that). I would change things so that disabled people don’t have to jump through loads of hoops just to get help with money, they don’t have to be assessed to see if they ‘are disabled enough’ to qualify for benefits. I would change it so they recognise invisible disabilities and don’t base their assessments on how far you can walk and if you can raise your hands above your head. Obviously those who cannot do these things will get benefits but conditions that aren’t as easily assessed and which vary on a day to day basis should count too. The benefits system shouldn’t be based on 2 or 3 levels of ability, points should be awarded depending on ableness in every area and money given depending on those points, that way if someone is 1 point short they don’t get put in the lower group, they get money based on that exact score.
  3. Accommodations – Accommodations should be given for everyone, all the time. I would change it so that if you need it then it’s given. There’s no discussion as to whether companies want to accommodate, there’s no discussion as to whether disabled people really need these accommodations. Accommodations shouldn’t be exclusive to whichever disability is trendy that day. It shouldn’t be based on whether there are enough people who need that accommodation (one is enough). Large companies like airports, superstores, shopping malls, train and bus stations, holiday places, cinemas, large play parks, water parks, etc, etc should all accommodate. I would change it so that accommodations such as Changing Places toilets, sensory friendly lighting, easy access, lightweight doors, quiet areas, lifts, ramps, friendly and welcoming staff, etc are all available for those who need them.
  4. Be accommodating – The old saying “if you can’t say anything nice then don’t say anything at all” is so true. If people in general were more accommodating of differences and learnt to keep their mouths shut unless they are saying something nice then so many people would be happier and feel more accepted. Not just for disabled people but everyone. It’s not nice to have people judging, insulting, mocking, ostracizing, etc. I would change things so that people were actually accommodating of other people. And if they don’t like something (but it’s not illegal or harming someone) then they should just ‘scroll/stroll past’.
  5. More book shops – One for me. I would change it so there were more bookshops (and more books in general). I love a good bookshop and books can educate people so much. There’s nothing better (imo) than a good book. I wish there were more book shops around.

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