Suzie goes to school – a book review

Suzie goes to school – a book review


I had the pleasure of reviewing one of many children’s books written by Charlotte Olson. I chose Suzie goes to school as I thought it would be a big help in preparing Monkey for starting school himself.


The book is bright and colourful, the type of book that Monkey likes best. I love the simple yet eye-catching cover of Suzie goes to school, it’s the type of book we would pick up first in a shop or library.

Inside, the pages are simple yet effective, drawing the eyes with bright and friendly pictures. It’s easy to tell from the pictures what is happening and Monkey loved the detail, pointing out the Aeroplane and Dinosaur that feature in the book.


The writing is easy to read and follows a simple rhyming style which we are both fond of. The words flow well and are easily understood. Monkey was happy to listen my reading of the story and followed the pages along quite happily. So much so that he asked me to read it again, and again.

The story follows a basic outline of what happens on the first day of school, it is easily relatable and is accurate so as to give a realistic idea of what a child might experience on their first day. Suzie goes to school is designed to help children prepare for starting school by showing them what will happen, this is especially helpful for those with extra needs such as Autistic children.

I would highly recommend this book as it’s bright and happy art and easy to understand rhyme is perfect for little kids. There is a range of Suzie and Sammy Books available to help children manage many different situations.

Available to buy here:



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