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All in one day

Monkey is naturally hyper, but he’s more so when he’s not had a lot of sleep. With the earlier mornings and later nights (thanks summer!) he’s been having less sleep than usual. Quite a few days have seen him falling asleep midday for at least an hour, he must be very tired. Today he’s not …

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Colds all round.

The common cold has descended upon this house. Only Polar bear and daddy have avoided it. Poor Ton is ill for the first time and it’s hit him the worst. He’s been sick several times, is struggling to eat/drink and hasn’t had much sleep. Apart from a runny nose you wouldn’t know that Monkey was …

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The importance of sleep.

Polar bear’s school decided to send most of the school on a residential trip. We had a discussion and, although they want him to attend, they didn’t feel they would be able to properly look after him overnight. This wasn’t surprising as bedtime has always been a difficult time for Polar bear. We agreed that …

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